About Me

I am writing this as a 12 year old girl living in England. In my spare time I enjoy reading (mainly manga books but I like other stories as well) and I also love to watch animes and do some of my own drawings. I would love to live in Japan and teach English there as a job. I would really like to go on holiday there at the time of the sakura festival as I find the colours magical (my parents aren't so keen).

I love playing badminton in my garden in summer and going swimming (not in my garden!).
I really like steam punk and cosplay clothing and accessories and find the intricacy and simplicity in them captivating.

I like sushi and wish to go to Japan and try the food there. I am hoping to make a kimono but struggle to believe that is going to happen what with my skills at the sewing machine and my cutting techniques (she says sarcastically).
Just in case you were wondering my dad is guiding me with putting this blog together.

In my spare time I love just going on the computer and google images to see if I can gain inspiration on outfit ideas and the more unique side to the fashion industry. I enjoy putting outfits together and imagining new styles to wear when I am older.